Batiste Brothers Band---Freeze (Dynasty)

Burton Inc---LA will mkae you pay $$$ (Charli Barbara)

Caress---Caress (P+P)

Carol Douglas---Love zone (Next Plateau)

Chaz---Chaz (Zanzibar)

Chee Chee and Peppy---Super you (Branding Iron)

Contrast---Tantalize (DAS)

Conrad Benjamin---Saturn (Nebula)

Crack Steppin---A comic book operetta in rhythm and blues (Get Down)

Cult---The mail must go through (Starburst Records)

Donna McGhee---Make it last forever (Red Gregg)

Everlife---#1 (Jibaro)

Family Circle---Family Circle (Sky Disc)

Fats Gaines Band feat Zorina---Born to dance (Avamar)

First Class---First Class (Sugar Hill Records)

Flashback Band---Same (Rocker Int)

Gary Davis and his Professor---Got to get your love (Chocolate Star Records)

Gaston---My Queen (Hotlanta Records)

Goldie Alexander---Fool in love (CBS)

Greg Clayborn---The G man from me to you (Greg Clayborn)

Heaven Sent and Ecstasy---The greatest love story (Jamieko's)

Hollygrove---New Orleans best kept secret (Home Brew)

Ike Noble---Fresh start (Connowil)

Johnny Mayes---Just a few facts of life (Mad May)

JPQ---Quintessence (Jam-A-Ditty)

Lee McDonald---Sweet Magic (Debbie Records)

Lenard Lidell---Afternoon affair (Jara)

Marvin Holmes---It's about time (Brown Door Records)

Maxx Traxx---Maxx Traxx (Pulse)

Network---I need you (Rams Horn)

OT Sykes---First love (Fun city)

Pam Todd and Love Exchange---Let's get together (Shyrlden)

Patterson Twins---Let me be your lover (Commercial Records)

Peoples Pleasure with Alive and Well (Brownstone Records)

Perfect Touch---Touching you (Perfect Touch)

Positive Change---Positive Change (Fortress)

Positve Express---Changin times (Victory / Sugar Hill)

Pulse---Pulse (Olde World)

Rivage---Sittin on it (Tempus / Sun-Glo)

Shake---Music is the only way we can communicate (Guess)

Spaceark---Spaceark (Color World)

Spice---Let there be spice (TSG)

Stage Coach---Playing games (United Sound)

Standing Room Only---Heart and Soul (YGB)

Starfire---Get off with us (Dynamic Artists)

Stone Free feat Cecil Lyde---Same (Aladdin)

Superior Elevation---Get it don't stop (Black Satin)

Sylk---Sylk (Earthquake)

Tal Armstrong---The tallest man in love (Love Records)

Tavasco and The Millionaires (Mid South)

Thompsons---I'll get over it (BCW)

Toby Kang --- Toby Kang (Chelsea)

Tony Aiken and Future 2000---Unity Sing It Shout It (Kimsha Records)

Trama---Trama (TK)

Trilark---Trilark (Handshake)