The Patterson Twins---Let me be your lover (Commercial Records) 1978 USLP

If you're one of those people who are lucky enough to own "Gonna find a true love" on a 7" single then you are probably not pleased to learn that the album version is extended to 4min and 49sec but then again that must seem like a life time to any northern soul fans. I personally much prefer the extended album version with it's saxophone break that builds to a climax during the final 60 seconds of this brilliant 70s modern soul dancer which was also recorded by Bottom and Co a number of years earlier.

This album also contains a few nice ballads and a funk track along with what appear to be a number of cover versions. "Let me be your lover" is another good flowing dancer although I think it may be a cover version as the writers names don't appear anywhere else on the album and it is credited to another publishing company. Can anyone confirm this? email me at the address below.