Allan Harris and Perpetual Motion---Get ready b/w Just let me know (Exact Change)

Alexander---Do you dare (Erect)

Al Mason---Good Lovin (Al and The Kid)

Arts and Craft---I've been searching (Jus Born)

Blue Denim Band---Spunk in the funk (Rose)

Benny Rose---It's only you (TBS)

Best Friend Around---It's so good to know (Lonnie Records)

Beverly Crosby---You can be my lover (Bareback)

Bliss---Stomp (Fos Glo)

Bobby Moore---Call me your (anything man) (Scepter)

Bobby Thurston---My loves the real thing (Mainline)

Board of Directors feat KC Stewart---Happy (RSC)

Carla Bagnerise---Special thing (Hip Records)

Chestnut Brothers---Sweet little Rita (Street Level Records)

Chuck Grant---Can't let go (Lor Jon)

Chuck Strong---Doin'it cause it feels good (Invasion)

Clausel---Let me love you (Up Right)

Cliff Frazier and Co---Video freak (Prelude Records)

Cloud One feat Margo Williams---Dont let my rainbow pass me by (Golden Flamingo)

Clyde Alexander & Sanction---Got to get your love (Heavenly Star)

Curtis---How can I tell her (Charm City)

Curtis Hairston---Summertime (Pretty Pearl)

Debbie Hayes and The Universal Robot Band---Lets get this thing together (Caramer)

Direct Hit---Make the most of what you've got (Hits)

Ebb Tide---It takes love to make love (Sound Gems)

Eddie Owen---EP (Sound of Gold)

Ethel Beatty---I know you care / It's your love (Uno Melodic)

Executive Suite---When it comes to loving me (Butterfly)

Exodus---Together forever (Charlotte Amalie)

Eye Beta Rock---Super rock body shock (H.E.RO)

First Class---Don't listen to your friends b/w Candy (Parkway Int)

Frank Washington---Ice (Studio II Review)

Franklyn---Future love (Genora)

Funder Cooper---She's all right (Indy Rec Co)

High Fidelity---EP (Queen Constance)

High Frequency---Summertime (NIA)

Hipnotic---Are you lonely? (Street Level)

Intrigue---I like it (Pressure)

Jagg---Take time (Delirium)

James Perry---Lottery of love (Ultra Sound)

James Perry---April lady (Carnival Records)

Jan Leslie Holmes---I'm your superman (Jay Jay)

Jay Player---Love is the answer (Bevnik)

Jeanie Tracy---Can I come over and play with you tonight (Honey)

Jerry Warren---I really love you (Latosia)

Jesse Gee---That's hot (Nugget)

Jim Manns---I got to have your love b/w Everybody likes it (Black Giant)

Joe Freeman---Sneakin (Musicworks)

Johnny Otis---Don't it make you feel good (Jazz World)

Kapp Ivory Project---It's over (Det Mi)

Kenny Long---I see the signs b/w It's better to love and lost (Brite Light)

Kim Covington---All of my love (Street Level)

King Tutt---You've got me hung up / Dancin (Fun City)

Krisp---Sunlight (Indigo)

Lajohn and Sheela---Every bodys problem (Magic Touch)

Lanier---Blinded by the qualities of you b/w 25 hours (Clarence)

Lisa Hill---I am on the real side (Cherry Hill)

Lonnie Givens---The heat is on (AIP International)

Lotti G---Whats it worth (C Sharp)

Louise Murray---Did you notice (Land of Hits)

Loveman Ronnie Stokes---Touch you again (Philly City)

Mac Thornhill---Dont you do it (Until it feels right) (M.A.D)

Maggabrain---New Wavin (Now)

Magnificents---On my way up (DT Records)

Mahogany---My chance to dance (Mahogany)

Mark IV---If you cant tell me something good (Brite Lite)

Mark IV---Signs of a dying love (OTB)

Mary Clark---Take me I'm yours (LA Shawn)

Master Force---Hey girl / Don't fight the feeling (Rain Forest)

Matt Covington---Im so in love with you (April)

Matt Covington---We got one (Hot Tracks)

Manhattan Rhythm (Foxy International)

M.L.S---Extra careful (Charlotte Amalie)

Mid Air---Ease out (Full Scope)

Myth Micheals---Push it / Kiss my love goodbye (We Four)

Natural Order---Jealousy (The Sound Of Washington DC)

Neddy Smith---Give it up (Delirium)

Newstar Band---I still feel like dancing (Newstar Record Co)

New Yorkers---My baby knows (I like it) (Camille)

Nice and Tight Band---Lets get high on the music (Sahara)

Panache---Get down ( to the sweet music ) (Roche)

Pierce Brothers---Party person (Starbirth)

Pike---Good feelings / Thinking about you baby (Penke)

Phil Flowers---Stay a while (Future Records & Tapes)

Purple Gang---Say it (Grade A)

Push---The wave / Running for ya love (Fun Town)

Radiance feat Prize---This is a party (Ware)

Rainie Brown---Night mover (Matra)

Ray Munnings---It could happen to you (Tammi)

RB Hudmon---Searching for your love (Nite Life)

RG's All nite funk band---Go for it sucker (Hotrax)

Rideout---Someone special (Rota Enterprises)

Rome Jefferies---Good love (Rain Records)

Ron Aikens---We can change things (Pop Art)

Ronnie Love---Lets make love (Almeria)

Ron Richardson---ooh wee babe (TCI Productions)

Sam Butler---I can't get over (Loving you) (SRI)

Sass---Much too much (25 West)

Secrets---(Baby) Save me (Wand)

Sign Of The Times---Point Blank (Full Time)

Sizzle feat La Rom Baker---Love is all around (The Record Company)

Skip Jackson and Natural Experience---Micro wave boogie (Catamount)

Sonny Jenkins---That friday pay (Stout)

Sparkles---Trying to get over (Small Axe)

Special Touch---This party is just for you (Brackett)

Splash---When we touch (The Hive)

Standing Room Only---Funk Affair (YGB)

Steve Kahn and Co---Got to have your lovin (Delirium)

Steve Marshall---Maintain (Reynolds)

Stimulus feat Milton Smith---Super stimulus (Chaka)

Sypher---Its got to be right (TRC)

Synergy feat Donnell Pitman---More people than me (JBP)

Teodor---Love message (Shatter Records)

Terry Gengis---Shape that body b/w Gonna be there (Gengis Khan)

The Disco Fox---The Fox (Ebonite)

Thunderbolt---Love is so funny (Rapture)

Time Spectrum---Slide into your heart (Kwesi)

Touche---Just like a doorknob (S.P.Q.R)

Tower of Power---You taught me how to love (Fusion)

Underground band---EP (Spice)

Vance and Suzzanne---I can't get along without you (Vanton)

Vinzerrelli---Skate dancer (PanBro)

Wes Black---I feel good feeling good (Highland)

Will Collins---She's hot (Skyride)

Zest---Hot tasty love (Jungle City)