Another one of my all time favorite boogie choons has to be Exodus "Together forever" from 1982 on a small label out of Jamaica NY. I can remember Phill Allen being one of the few people to play this back in the summer of 1982 on Capitol Radio in London although it wasn't until the late 80s that it became sought after when Dave Lee reworked it and put it out under the disguise of Raven Maze. This record also gained a re release sometime around 2001 via Wave Records.

As I pointed out above anyone who use to listen to Phill Allen's excellent soul show on Capitol Radio that ran from the early part of 1981 until sometime in 1984 may well remember this record. Each week he would have all the latest US 12"s and albums that had been released that week and I think he use to take a copy of everthing that came into the country.

Does anyone have any tapes of Phill Allen's shows?




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