7 Miles Per Hour Band---Playing your game (Music City)

Beverly and Duane---Love / You belong to me (Brown Bomber)

Billy Boomer---You can't hide / I like what she's doin (Blast)

DMX Affair---One time to make it right (Creative Funk)

Executive Force---Midnight lovin (New Age)

Family of Eve---I want to be loved by you (Jeree Records)

Family Tree---Family Tree (Anada Records)

Finess---Have it your way (Brown Bomber)

Flight---No more part time lovin (Fly 4)

Four Below Zero---Tell me why (can't we be friends) (P+P Records)

Gary Efford---Entice me (California Visions)

Great Lakes Orchestra---This is the night for loving b/w Didn't I tell you ( Great Lakes)

Halo---Let me do it (Marshal)

Infinity---Queen of my universe (Willkerr)

Ivan Neville---Dance your blues away (Cookie Record)

Jack Sass Band---Where is the love you promised me (Visa Records)

Jewel---Paradise (Jewel Productions)

John Simmons---Ain't nothing like the love (Sabrina)

Leo McCarty---Just a friendly reminder (Sound Gems)

Lust---I like spending my time with you b/w I still love you (Cash)

Manzel---Space Funk (Fraternity)

Moody Scott---My lovely lady (Straight Ahead)

Neo Experience---Paradise (Where my baby lies) (Sahra)

Power Of Attorney Band---Love for you (Star Island)

Record Player---Free your mind (Gem City)

Roger Troutman and The Human Body---Been this way before / Bearings straight (Troutman Brothers)

Space Cadets---Spaced outta place (Parkside)

Standing Room Only---Sacrifice / All in a day (Lamar)

Storm---Can't nobody love me like you do (Rosette)

Sweet James Epps---Love at first sight (Motorpool)

Sweet Mixture---I love you b/w House of fun and love (Bazar)

Tommy McGee---Now that I have you b/w Stay with me (TMG)

Wynd Chymes---Baby you're the one (Shakin Record)